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About Me
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Welcome to my Web site!I hope you enjoy the story about me here, to find out the story of how Higbee got started go to the interest page. :-) Have a Great Day!!!

Hey ya’ll!

I am Higbee the clown and I am 6 ¾ years old! I live in the city of Firehouse Bay, on Hose Rack Drive. My mothers name is Pin and my fathers name is Rocker. We have a big yellow dog that we call Storz. He loves to play around in the water. We take him down the street all the time to play near the hydrant. We have a cat name Recessed who loves to hide from us all the time. I have a tree house in the back that I named our Tower. Every time we get wet we like to go up there and dry off since it is usually nice and sunny.

Maybe you can stop by to see me sometime. My house is easy to find there is usually two big red trucks in the driveway.

Well I hope you enjoy your visit to my place on the web.

Take care and have fun, but please be safe!

God Bless!



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